Types of Soil



Château de Pressac grand Cru Classé saint-Emilion Les terrasses

The Terraces:

The Pressac terraced vineyards are spectacular indeed! These vineyards are situated on the hilltops facing south and have undergone extensive renovation and maintenance work.
Vineyard terracing combats erosion as well as the damage caused by the gullies that form on the slopes. It also offers an economy of space and, in turn, this facilitates the landscaping and layout management of the rows of vines.






Château de Pressac Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classé Le VignobleThe Slopes of the Hills and the Foot of the Hillside:

The geography, the gradient of the hills and the continuous, if more gentle, sloping towards the foot of the hillside, promote the flow of water in the case of heavy rain, thus avoiding excess water retention. The draining of water takes place without hindrance or obstruction.

The Plateau:

During periods of significant and abundant rainfall the calcareous, limestone base of the plateau is porous enough to avoid flooding or stagnation of water. At times of drought the deeply rooted vines manage to find                                                                                                        the necessary freshness in the soil and reach the                                                                                                                  hydric resources (water supply) they require.